Advanced Beveling control:

With ControNest advance beveling option it’s possible to do all beveling cutting types easily and from the same program interface.

thanks to 5 Axes compensation makes Beveling cutting more accurate


  • Seven different types of beveling for easy part creation .

  • Support both limited and unlimited rotation for C axis.

  • Can easily select different beveling type for each contour or each segment (Line or arc).

  • Can select segments to be excluded from beveling for same shape.

5 Axes Compensation:

No matter what the type of cutting machine (Water-jet, Laser) or how complicated the kinematic of the 5 axis head The controller is capable to run any 5 axis cutting machine, along with correcting the X Y axis to compensate the tool center error. 


regardless the accuracy of the 5-axes mechanism, this feature will allow the customer to re-calibrate his 5 axis at no time.


Only need to cut Calibration cutting sample, then do 4 distances measuring and the controller will automatically calculation the X,Y compensation values according to  beveling axes movement.

Make 5 Axes calibration easier and more effective, and result a very high accuracy with beveling cutting.

5 Axis CNC Controller

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