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Unmatched 5 Axis Performance

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5 axis error compensation

No matter what the type of cutting machine (water-jet ,Laser) r how complicated the kinematic of the 5 axis head The controller is capable to run any 5 axis cutting machine, along with correcting the X Y axis to compensate the tool center error. 

Laser Mapping.jpg
2/3D mapping

Combining the Laser mapping to the 5 axis is a must when medium to high accuracy needed to perform 5 axis cutting , the more tilting degrees the more height control needed , for example on 45 degrees cutting 1 mm height difference will make 2 mm error on the part dimensions .

when using contestant Laser mapping the part precision can be good as 0.01 mm.

Combine this feature with 5 axis mechanical error correction makes it the best solution in the market.

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