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  • How do I select my package?
    All the required hardware for CNC machines is listed. It is possible to start from the motors load and system inertia to select the required motors and drivers, and then the IOs. Next would be selecting a controller according to space requirements. Please contact ControNest support for help selecting a suitable package according to the required application.
  • How easy is it to use ControNest interface?
    ControNest Interface is a very user-friendly software, with functions from basic to advanced users allowing users to be able to go from a DXF part to having the job ready to cut in just 20 seconds!
  • As an OEM can I make my own interface?
    ControNest CNC interface is a complete plug and play solution for Waterjet and laser CNC cutting machines with all required options built-in. However, it has the ability for OEMs to edit or add their special functions and interface when it is required.
  • Can machine builders use their own servo motors with ControNest?
    ControNest is built on Beckhoff TwinCAT system, based on EtherCat hardware, with Beckhoff IPC controller and IOs, it is recommended to use Beckhoff servo drivers and motors for full functionality, however it is possible to use any other EtherCat compatible OEMs servo drives and motors.
  • How can I save money by using ControNest controllers?
    Although the Contronest is not a cheap product because of its high-quality hardware and software but as a complete solution it will save on the wiring: by using premade machine simple cables with much less wires because of using EtherCat Technology. Install time can be commissioned with less than 30% of conventional time because of the limitation of parts, wires, and cables. Then, after all it will need less time to setup the system service time: by using such a reliable system, it will definitely reduce the costly visits to customers, or part replacements.
  • On what machine can the controller be used
    The Controller can run any cutting machine (Laser- waterjet ,Plasma ,Oxy) however It would perform the best on Laser and waterjet machines.

Frequently asked questions

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