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Laser Surface Mapping:

Contronest use high accurate laser scanning sensor to scan the material surface before cutting then sending the sheet imperfection map to the controller, 

the controller will then follow the map to keep constant distance between the cutting head and the sheet.

The mapping can be done simply by quick 4 points scanning for straight surface, or complete surface scanning up to 40000 points.


Advantages of surface mapping option:

  • Increase the cutting accuracy when using beveling or 5-Axes cutting. and high cutting accuracy specially when cutting with beveling  

  • Keep constant distance between the cutting head and the sheet surface.

  • Increase the cutting speed when making the nozzle closer to surface.

  • having same cutting quality for all working surface.

  • Eliminate the sheet height difference because of the wearing of holding grid.

  • Save the cutting nozzle from touching the sheet surface.

WaterJet Laser mapping.jpg

Laser Mapping

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