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 Servo Driver, three phase 220V 4.0KW, General Type


  • Power 4kW
    Input Power three phase 200-240V 
    Cooling Method Fan Cooling
    Main circuit control mode Sinusoidal PWM drive
    Feedback 20Bit INC/17Bit INC
    Control Mode ①Position control, ②Speed control, ③ Torque control, ④Position/speed mode switch, ⑤Position/torque mode switch, ⑥Speed/torque mode switch, ⑦Positioning operation mode
    Position Control :Max input pulse frequency Low speed pulse: Max input 500kHz(Line Drive input), Max input 200kHz (Open Collector Input)
    High Speed pulse: Max input 4MHz(Line Drive input)
    Position Control :Command pulse input mode ①Command pulse/command signal , ②Forward rotating pulse and rev