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Frame size:110mm, 1200W, rated torque:6Nm,  Inertia:7.6, 2000rpm, 220V, 



  • Motor Model No MA2B-120110-x
    Driver Type DA1-100E
    Frame Size (mm) 110
    Power (KW) 1.2
    Torque (Nm) 6
    Inertia (kgcm²) 7.6
    Speed (RPM) 2000
    Max torque (Nm) 12
    Max Speed (RPM) 2400
    Weight (KG) 7.9
    Encoder 17bit (Absolute /Incremental)
    IP 65
    Motor length L(mm)

    No Brake:219   

    With Brake:284

  • Driver Model 

    Cable  CME110-5
    GearBox 1-10 MBV-110-L1
    GearBox 15-100 MBV-110-L2
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