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ControNest interactive hand wheel with the more Controller functions:


4 lines display:

·       Battery and radio signal monitor.

·       Axes coordinates

·       Actual speed

·       Override speed value %

·       Machine warnings and status.


·       Axes manual MPG jogging for any of the 5 axes, with accuracy selection.

·       Change override speed value anytime buy MPG selection.

·       Run / Pause /Backward the cutting job.

·       Turn the Pump, Water and Abrasive On/Off.

·       Set sheet and Z Zero point.

·       Set sheet rotation angle.

·       Go to Start of job

·       Software E-Stop.



·       100 PPR manual pulse generator.

·       Accessible operating distance: 40 meters.

·       Automatic frequency hopping, stable and reliable.

·       Power: 2 AAA batteries, the use of time 30 days.

Wireless Remote

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