ControNest Motors & Drives

Contronest servo system is a new high performance general purpose servo system (motor & drive), which can be widely used in a large industry and CNC machines, such as laser machine, Waterjet machine, robots, linear mechanical hands, wood machinery, glass machinery, packaging production line, etc.

High performance:

▶ Response frequency up to1.2KHz

▶ Support 17/20bit encoder

▶ Max input/output pulse is 4Mpps   

▶ Low cogging torque

▶ 3 times overload ability

▶ Analog command resolution is 16bit (optional)



▶ Friction Torque Compensation

▶ Input/Output Signal Assigned

▶ Gain switch

▶ Torque limit change

▶ Interrupt position control

▶ Built-in Regeneration resistance


▶ Gantry synchronization control

▶ Electronic Cam Control

▶ Fully closed-loop control

▶ Motor and drive miniaturization

▶ High flexibility internal location programming mode

▶ Support CAN Open, EtherCAT to realize multi-axis high response synchronization control


▶ Identification of Load Inertia

▶ Automatic/Manual Notch filter        

▶ Real-time Automatic Gain Adjustment

▶ Automatic/Manual Vibration Suppression control




▶ Safe Torque Off(STO) function(Optional)

▶ Consideration for environment and Compliant with ROHS Directives, improve environmental performance

▶ Motor Enclosure Level with IP65/67,Meet the Waterproof and dustproof requirement

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