Laser Mapping

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Maintain constant distance between head and the cut material to get exact measurement when using 5 axis ,or to avoid any crash and maintain consistent quality .

OEM Pump

All pump control through the same HMI and controller , simplify the panels , reduce the parts and make the control more centralized .


Vision System Option:


Vision system uses a smart camera to capture the cutting sheet picture and giving the user flexibility to arrange the parts when required among the sheet.

Inputs Outputs


Unlimited variety of perishables can be added to the system for any automation integration project 

Wireless Remote :

ControNest MPG1.jpg

ControNest Wireless pendant have most of the functions which can be done through the HMI ,

Using the wireless will make things easier to calibrate and the gives the freedom of move while controlling the machine .

Dual Z & Dual Y Options:

ControNest controller Can control two Z axes driven by one Y motor connected and adjusted manually by adjustable bar.

Or Two Z axes each one driven be two separated synchronized Y&YY motors and the distance between the two Z axes could be adjusted automatically, from the software.

Options and Accessories

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