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ControNest Interface

Customize control.jpg

Customized Control for Waterjet or Laser

  • Selecting abrasive rate Cutting high Low pressure by interactive slide bars.

  • Manual or auto select cutting and piercing pressure.

  • On the fly change for cutting values (Piercing type & time, focusing tube, orifice, Kerf, pressure, abrasive and abrasive-water delay)

  • Automatic override speed suggestion according on the fly Values changes to maintain the cutting quality.

inergrated cam program.jpg

Integrated CAM program

  • Material database suitable for water jet or Laser machines for quick select parameters.

  • Auto cutting speed calculation by select material, thickness, cutting quality, abrasive rate, pressure, for cutting optimization.

  • Select Kerf for tool offset.

  • Using two cutting speed one (low) for corners and other (high) for rest of parts to improve cutting time & quality. With smooth speed transition (water-jet)

  • Block nesting and part editing 

  • Automatic or manual cutting sequence.

  • Geometry optimization for marble cutting to assemble inner and ouster directly(Water-Jet).

  • Bevel cut: fixed or perpendicular.




  • Built-in templates for easy job creation.

DXF checker.jpg

Import DXF files with DXF checker

  • Import of DXF-files with auto detect of inner and outer of each part.

  • Detect gabs in the DXF file and remove them.

  • Detect duplicated lines or overlaps, and trim or remove them.

  • Import DXF options for scaling and error correction.  



Goto within Job

  • Backward after pause

  • Override speed 1 to 200% (programmable).

  • Dry run.

  • Show (elapsed / remaining) time / distance .

  • Return to cutting path automatically after: jog, power off, emergency….

  • Go to any point on cutting path, or any pierce.

  • Zoom, show grid and tracking moving head.

  • Show G-Code and the current active line.

Sheet refrence rotation.jpg

Sheet reference and rotation

  • Easily select reference point for the sheet at any point of the machine.

  • Select reference point from any of the job boundary box or sheet 4 corners.

  • Rotate the job manually or calculate the sheet angle automatically by selecting two points on the sheet side.

  • Set and recall up to 6 references home points.

  • Laser pointer option for easy sheet reference and corner detect.

ControNest PLC Window.png


  • Although the system is fully equipped to run the Laser - water jet capabilities, Contronest can easily add PLC functions for OEM to reach their needs for any special functions.

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