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Simplicity & Saving

Save Big

ControNest controllers have all the major CAM features that most of the end users uses and that saves 2000-8000$ depend on what the CAM version 

in conclusion 90% of the machines will cost 4000$ on average .

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By using ControNest on any Water jet / Laser machine it will dramatically decease the involved used parts ,also it will simplify the wiring by using single EtherCat wire to wire control and IO also no wiring to connect dives together ,finally using such combination will reduce or even eliminate the need of using a machine cabinet.


Complete panel Including the controller ,Inputs outputs ,integrated communication + necessary breakers and safety relays in very tiny area 500 x 150 mm allow to shrink the cabinet space , have the location flexibility beside the simplicity of Assembly and  installation .

Ebox with Controller Components.jpg
High flexibility

Thanks to the ultra wide verity of Beckhoff Hardware, there are no practical limits to the ControNest Controllers. 

With no limitations, you are able to make multiple heads control or even multiple gantry controls which means 2 different programs running at the same time by using a single controller. The controller can run height control over 10 axis or more, those are just examples of what the controller can do.

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