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Cutting edge Performance

Software and features 

Long experience about customers needs

CNC interface is built by cutting machines builders who have over a 20 year experience on such machines, this experience enabled the team to know the exact customers needs and to produce a piece of the art product combining the customer needs and the ease of use which makes ControNest the best solution for any Laser, water-jet or plasma machine.

Embedded CAM , Nesting

Software includes Embedded CAM which enable to import CAD drawings, Nesting, material database for fine-tuned cutting parameters like optimizing the arcs and corners speeds, etc. In most of the cases it will eliminate the need to use additional costly CAM software.

Flexible Machine Interface

The flexible software architecture enables to customize any solution and add more features like vision solutions, multi gantries  or any custom features .


ControNest chose to have BECKHOFF as the hardware platform for the controller because its one of the most reliable high quality global brand, beside other features like unlimited IOs possibilities, amazing space and wire saving makes ControNest Hardware extremely hard to compete with.

  1. Germany made high quality brand

  2. Extremely reliable hardware controller which has been sold to over hundreds of thousands of applications.

  3. Using Beckhoff Real-time software core TwinCat©, which is the base for any Beckhoff product making the software reliable as much as the hardware

  4. Using the huge network of support office worldwide, this will secure the customer's peace of mind of getting parts replacement and service.


By Numbers

  • 916 million € (+13 %)
    Sales 2018

  • 4,300
    Staff worldwide

  • 38
    Branch Offices worldwide

  • 22
    Sales/Technical Offices/

  • 75
    Distributors worldwide


Image copyright © Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, all rights reserved

The unique way that EtherCAT works by using super fast simple single Ethernet cable for all system components including drives and IOs with no additional hardware makes it the clear “engineer’s choice.

Communication Technology 

csm_EtherCAT_c553a34d7e (1).jpg

Exceptional Performance

EtherCAT is by most the largest and the fastest industrial Ethernet technology, but it also synchronizes with nanosecond accuracy. This is a huge benefit for all applications, in which the target system is controlled or measured via the bus system. The rapid reaction times work to reduce the wait times during the transitions between process steps, which significantly improves application efficiency.

Flexible Topology

In EtherCAT applications, the machine structure determines the network topology, not the other way around. In conventional Industrial Ethernet systems, there are limitations on how many switches and hubs can be cascaded, therefore limiting the overall network topology. Since EtherCAT doesn’t need hubs or switches, there are no such limitations. In short, EtherCAT is virtually limitless when it comes to network topology. Line, tree, star topologies, and any combinations thereof are possible with a nearly unlimited number of nodes.

It’s Simple and Robust

Configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance are all factors that contribute to system costs. The Ethernet field-bus makes all of these tasks significantly easier.

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